TriStar Summit February 01, 2017

Jeff Whitehorn, CEO, TriStar Summit Medical Center (Left) presents Dr. Crumbo (Right) with a plaque of appreciation for his 34 years of service to patients and our community.

Hermitage, TN — On Tuesday, January 17, over a hundred TriStar Summit Medical Center employees and over thirty fellow physicians met for a farewell retirement reception honoring Donald Crumbo, MD, cardiologist. Dr. Crumbo served on staff at TriStar Summit (and the former Donelson Hospital) for over 34 years.

“Dr. Crumbo brought cardiology to the East side of town,” stated Jeffrey Whitehorn, CEO, TriStar Summit Medical Center. “When people think of Cardiology — people think of you. You have made a lasting impact here at Summit with our staff and our patients. Thank you!” concluded Whitehorn.

Dr. Crumbo shared, “I am happy to say I started at Donelson Hospital before moving into Summit Medical Center. I had help and support from the hospital administration, cath lab staff and patients. It has been a pleasure serving my patients and this community,” concluded Dr. Crumbo.