Breastfeeding is a Learned Art...

Unfortunately, in our society, breastfeeding is also a hidden art. The majority of women begin breastfeeding in the hospital, but may find themselves weaning earlier than planned due to circumstances that are avoidable or manageable. Tristar Summit Medical Center's new Lactation Boutique, called Best Beginnings, provides a team of professionals dedicated to promoting, educating and encouraging the breastfeeding family.

At Tristar Summit Medical Center, we provide breastfeeding support services from nurses who are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). These supportive services are available both before and after the baby is born, as well as throughout the breastfeeding experience.

When Baby Arrives...

Best Beginnings carries accessories for the breastfeeding mother, including nursing pillows, footstools and nursing bras. Small, portable electric breast pumps are available for short or long-term rentals or purchase. Expressing milk is possible even when the time available is short. These efficient and effective pumps require only 10 minutes of your time.

Did You Know?

  • No formula, at any cost, can duplicate the unique combination of nutrients, enzymes, hormones and infection-fighting substances that your breast milk provides for your baby.
  • Breast milk amount and composition adjust to the needs of the baby. For example, a premature baby's mother makes a milk that is higher in certain minerals required by premature infants
  • Breastfed babies have fewer infections. The protection continues as long as a mother breastfeeds.
  • The many benefits of breastfeeding last a lifetime for both mother and baby.
  • Breastfeeding helps jaw development. Long-term breastfeeding (through the first year of life) may help prevent the need for orthodontic work later in life, due to the proper use of the tongue and jaw needed for breastfeeding.
  • A mother can work and breastfeed outside the home. New, efficient breast pumps have been developed which make expressing milk much easier.
  • The Surgeon General has decreed that one of the United States' health goals is to increase breastfeeding rates to 75%.
  • Human milk is a natural resource with great uncalculated value and largely untapped in the United States and it's yours!