Accredited Chest Pain Center

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Fast treatment for chest pain

TriStar Summit is an accredited Chest Pain Center that strives to provide the best possible care for patients who enter the Emergency Room with complaints of chest pain. Our goal is to have patients who are having a heart attack diagnosed and treated within a 30 to 90 minute window depending on the treatment option that best meets the needs of the patient.

We have fast processes in place to treat you quickly to prevent damage from a heart attack. Patients with chest pain are immediately transferred from the waiting room to the ER examination area and undergo an electrocardiogram within 10 minutes of arrival. Protocols for appropriate medications, including aspirin and oxygen, are administered. A physician reviews the electrocardiogram and sees the patient immediately.

What is an Accredited Chest Pain Center?

The Society of Chest Pain Centers determines the following accreditation criteria:

  • An established relationship with the Emergency Medical System for rapid transport to the ER
  • A process of rapid assessment of patients with symptoms of possible cardiac disease
  • Assessment and observation processes for patients who are not experiencing chest pain but who have cardiac risk factors
  • A facility design that promotes patient flow and rapid delivery of care
  • Personnel with advanced training in cardiac disease, active management and physician participation in the development and oversight of the center
  • Regular reviews of the program to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Community outreach educational programs
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