Orthopedic surgery at TriStar Summit

The new ten-bed Ortho Spine Center at TriStar Summit is dedicated to patients recovering from a total hip and knee replacement. Patients will enjoy a hotel-like setting in a private room with internet access and guest accommodations.

Our goal is simple: to get you back to your normal activities as quickly and safely as possible. Orthopedic specialists at TriStar Summit provide a comprehensive, leading edge approach to make sure they are with you every step of the way.


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Orthopedic specialists in Hermitage

Our highly trained team of surgeons, nurses, physician assistants, rehabilitation specialists and various medical support personnel works with each patient and their primary care physician to develop a treatment plan specifically for that patient.

By combining extensive clinical expertise with a compassionate, caring treatment philosophy, we have created a program known for its quality of care.

Meet Our Orthopedic Surgeons

Common orthopedic procedures

In the past, most orthopedic surgical procedures required large incisions, lengthy hospital stays and weeks of recovery. Today, the use of small viewing scopes and much smaller surgical instruments have transformed the way that many surgical procedures are performed, particularly joint replacement surgery.

Total Hip Replacement

When cartilage in the hip joint wears away with age, surgeons can restore range of motion and eliminate joint pain with metal or plastic covering for raw, arthritic bone ends. Hip replacement surgery is only recommended after careful diagnosis of your joint problem.

Revision of Total Hip Replacement

The major indications of a revision hip replacement are hip instability (dislocation), infections, component failure due to wear/tear and hip pain.

More About Hip Replacement Surgery

Total Knee Replacement

When cartilage has worn away over the years, leaving a raw, arthritic knee joint, surgeons can use plastic or metal covering to restore range of motion, help eliminate pain and allow the patient to move easily with less discomfort. Knee replacement is only recommended after careful diagnosis of joint problem. Arthroscopic or microscopic surgery is not helpful once arthritis is advance. Anti-inflammatory medications or cortisone injections rarely give the same long-term relief that knee replacement does.

Revision of Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacements occasionally require subsequent operations to correct problems related to polyethylene wear (plastic), infection, loosening of one or more of the components, ligament injury, fracture or kneecap (patella) dislocation.

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

Less invasive than a full knee replacement, this operation replaces only the portions of the joint most damaged by arthritis. This can have significant advantages, especially in younger patients who may require a second artificial knee replacement as the first one begins to wear out.

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TriStar Summit spine program

TriStar Summit Medical Center Spine Program experience begins the moment you decide to have surgery. Once you meet with one of our four surgeons and decide to have surgery you will be offered a free, 1 hour pre-surgical education class taught by our Ortho Spine Nurse Navigator. We encourage the patient and caregiver or "coach" to attend this class to help gain insight on pre-surgical preparation, what to expect in the hospital, how to prepare your home for discharge, and post-surgical expectations. This class is offered every Monday and Thursday from 11am-12pm. The Ortho Spine Nurse Navigator will be your main contact during your surgical journey. She is available Monday-Friday to answer any questions and help make this process as smooth as possible. In the hospital we have a specialized orthopedic team comprised of your surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, physical therapists, and a case manager who will personalize your care and help you get back to doing what you love.