Frequently asked questions on scheduled surgeries

How can I be sure your facility is a safe care environment?

Our facility is among the safest possible places to seek care at this time, and we have implemented several protective measures to create a safe environment for our patients, visitors and colleagues. We have strong protocols in place and are following all guidelines set for the by the CDC to ensure a safe care environment.

How can I be confident my doctors and nurses don’t have COVID-19?

Staff and physicians are not permitted to work if they are experiencing illness. Universal masking is in place and we are stocked with personal protective equipment (PPE) for all of our clinical teams.

Will my family be able to be with me? If so, what protections are in place for them?

We continue to maintain precaution to keep patients, visitors, caregivers and communities safe. Please review our current visitation policy. Signs are present to remind everyone to keep their masks on and respect social distancing requirements.

Will my recovery be different? Will I be more likely to be infected with COVID-19 after a medical procedure?

Your surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits of surgery, including if there is an increased risk of contracting COVID-19. It is important that you maintain all precautions the general public are asked to follow. As always, we are here to support you in your recovery, regardless of any extenuating circumstances.

What if I’m experiencing symptoms similar to COVID-19?

If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing, please let your provider know immediately.

If your facilities see an increase in COVID-19 patients, will you change your policies?

We are constantly evaluating our facilities’ resources, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and bed availability, and making adjustments to our approach if and when protocols need to evolve. We also are in continuous communication with local healthcare delivery systems, including state and local health officials, and those surgeons who have direct responsibility for their patients. We continue to follow Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recommendations as they evolve. Our facilities will accommodate procedures that physicians determine to be appropriate within those recommendations.

Where can I find more information about COVID-19?

Visit our Resource Hub for the latest updates on COVID-19. You can also find more information on the CDC’s website. Given the nature of policy updates, it’s always best to call your facility to verify the most up to date information.

*We make every effort to ensure our website information remains up to date. As specific guidelines and policies continue to evolve, please call our facility at (615) 316-3000 for updated information or questions regarding scheduled surgeries.